Marketing Content: Repurpose Your Content with

 Once you’re ready to take on your own Important Work, creating and disseminating your message with marketing content is a huge part of growing a customer base and a tribe of like-minded people. Of course, simply learning the different methods like video, podcasting, blogs, social media, etc. can be just as challenging and time-consuming as the work itself. 


The frustration alone of simply marketing yourself leads people to throw up their hands and walk away. Of course, doing that is a losing proposition because if you want to build a tribe, you absolutely have to be spreading your message in the world. 


On this episode of Important Work, we’re talking about content with special guest Hani Mourra of, which helps you take one piece of content and repurpose it into other types of content and automates the distribution across multiple channels. 



When Hani was a video blogger, her noticed the insane monotony of...

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Accept Success Gracefully with Infinite Receiving

Are you well-equipped to accept success gracefully? Most people are actually afraid of success, meaning they’re not prepared to accept and deal with all success entails. 


This is partly to do with mental blocks put in place by preconceived notions. On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Maru Iabichela to the podcast to begin to unpack how you can accept success gracefully with infinite receiving. 


Maru is a successful speaker who’s well-known for her dynamic, real candor and strong belief that transparency moves mountains. There is a moment in everyone’s journey where they explore if there is something bigger to their lives and journey, where they have a calling to do something else. Listen as we discuss Maru’s journey, but also share with you:


  • Why you should know that you have what it takes
  • Why reality will feel different than your expectations
  • Why you must always follow your gut intuitions
  • Why you need to take a...
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Life Unboxed: Finding Your Own Important Work

Life is - at best - complicated. At worst? Unfortunately, we’re likely all living some version of this. Too many obligations, too many things to attend to that sap our energy without refilling the cup. 


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Mary Allison Brown to the show. Mary Allison is based in Tacoma, and in addition to her “day job” as a mental health therapist, she spends her free time fulfilling her own important work. 


For Mary Allison, her important work is hosting “The Life Unboxed” podcast, speaking at events and publishing guides. In her own words, her important work is “to help women and men get rid of the labels that others’ have placed on them, but also the labels others have placed on them so they have permission to truly be themselves.”



Listen in as we discuss how Mary helps people overcome the feeling of confusion and claustrophobia when they don't really know who they...

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Success in Life: Unlocking Your Creative Genius by Learning to Feel Again

What’s the secret to success in life? Work hard, play harder? Produce results, drive hard, push through … sound familiar? It’s a common go-to language when people think about what it takes to be successful. But ... if pushing hard with tough energy is the secret to success … why does it mostly feel so wrong?


If you’ve been trying to break through to build success in your life and business, but can’t seem to quite get there, perhaps you need to stop pushing and start breaking down your emotional walls. 



On this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Ana Levin. In addition to assisting clients to share their message as a Groundswell Guide, Ana also does energy alignments to help people break down walls and feel again. So many people build up walls, but really, they do so at their own detriment. In today’s episode, we dig into Ana’s perspective of:


  • What prevents you from accessing your...
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Networking: The Difference Between Connections & Referrals

 What’s your approach to networking? Are you truly building a reciprocal network where you help others and they help you? Or, are you playing the numbers game, “collecting” people as connections on social media?


 “Hello, World!” was the first message EVER sent out on the Internet. Ever. And, boy, have we grown more connected than ever before! We live in the day and age of connectivity, but are we more disconnected than ever? 


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Dan Rawls who shares his point of view on the difference between referrals and connections. Dan spent over 25 years in the lifestyle franchise business, going all the way back the analog, or pre-Internet, days. Dan knows the referral game inside and out. 



Having done that and stepping back, Dan has an interesting observation, people are adding more and more people to their various “lists,” but there is no depth to those...

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The Human Side of Marketing

How do you approach marketing? The fact of the matter is that, if you are in business for yourself,  you absolutely must be marketing yourself and your business in an appropriate manner if you want to drive results. 


Unfortunately, most of the common knowledge out there today is outdated and geared toward the tactics of the information age. Meaning, too many marketers are marketing to the bots scanning their websites instead of the actual humans who read the websites and ultimately become customers. When we lose sight of the human aspect of what creates a connection, marketing simply won’t work. 


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Curt Stockwell to discuss the human side of marketing. Curt hosts a show called The Human Side of Marketing, and today he’s sharing his approach to marketing, including:


  • What’s wrong with the current marketing approach
  • Why most people want a genuine connection
  • How to prevent staleness in...
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Everyone is a Leader

Would you rate your happiness at work as high? Probably not. Why? Because 80 percent of people report not being satisfied at work. Meaning, if you actually feel happy at work and about work, you’re in the minority of workers. However, we will spend 90,000 hours and more than half our lives. That’s a lot of time to spend unhappy!



On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Tara Wear, host of the From Conflict to Collaboration show, which aims to help humanity meet our needs to truly connect with other people. I particularly focus on work, people have lowered their expectations on the type of community, collaboration, and mindset shifts.


  • Why being connected at work makes people healthier
  • Why being connected at work makes people more innovative
  • Why being connected at work makes people more productive
  • What the work dissatisfaction symptoms look like
  • How to find your inner-leader and potential for influence
  • Who the leader truly is in a group or...
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Awaken the Best You

When searching for your Important Work, it can feel a bit like wandering around in the desert, particularly if internal limiting beliefs continually hold you back from jumping in.  


Limiting beliefs are the things that we bump up against when we set out to do something and our internal dialog speaks back, telling us we don’t have what it takes to reach our goals.



On this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Misty Springer, host of the Awaken the Best You show. Join us as we discuss how to break through limiting beliefs to awaken the best you, including:


  • What the ultimate connection between heart, body and mind is
  • How to tap into your innate purpose in life and work
  • Why limiting beliefs hold us back from Important Work
  • Why it’s important to deconstruct your internal limiting beliefs
  • How our thoughts affect our realities, creating a looping effect
  • How our brain actively tries to keep us safe and comfortable
  • Why confronting...
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Gut Health: The GUT Method & Important Work

Gut health is something we hear about, but taking a beat to stop and examine the impact it’s had on your life can mean the difference between continuing to live angst, stress, headaches, low energy, etc. and breaking free to a healthier and more peaceful life.


It can feel like symptoms are out of our control, but what if we started tuning into our bodies and the signals they send us? What impact would that have on our health, our relationships and our Important Work?



On this episode of Important Work, we talk about why gut health is not only essential to physical health, but also to achieving success in our relationships and work. Sharon Holand Gelfand joins us to share her journey to her personal Important Work of improving gut health for others. Listen as we discuss:


  • Why we’re so busy with our passion, we don’t even pay attention to our own health
  • How physical symptoms, emotions, spirit and relationships are connected
  • How to...
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Reinventing Yourself for Important Work

Are you considering reinventing yourself for Important Work? Meaning, are you seeking to break free from the majority of people who are coasting through life in favor of work that’s more challenging and rewarding? Would doing so require re-inventing yourself?


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Robert Henry who owns a brokerage firm that’s led to personal, spiritual and financial fulfillment ... but he didn’t start there. Listen as we follow the path he took to his own Important Work, including:


  • How fear traps you into a “coasting” mentality
  • Why a dedicated coach is essential
  • Why it’s OK to make a decent living
  • Why “making a difference” happens in many ways
  • What essential skill sets are required
  • Which things are critical to reinvent yourself
  • How to lift up others along the way
  • What personal relationships have to do with it
  • Why finances shouldn’t be the only driving factor


Easily one of the...

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