Radical Revelations Around the Divine Feminine

In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Starr Shepperd-Decker to the show to learn about Radical Revelations Around the Divine Feminine.

We’re covering it all today, listen as we discuss:


  • Starr’s background and journey, and her unique integration of activism and spirituality
  • The importance of connecting to the earth and to each other
  • How Starr works as a loving disrupter to challenge old paradigms, views and narratives
  • The archetypes of the wounded and divine feminine and masculine energies, and how the divine energies are emerging
  • A  river bank metaphor for understanding the synergy of divine feminie and masculine energies
  • How the wounded feminine and wounded masculine energies behave under stress
  • The difference between the old and new paradigms of societies and ecosystems
  • How we are infinite beings and more vast than we have been led to believe



If you’d like to learn more about Radical Revelations Around the Divine Feminine, reach out to  Starr Shepperd-Decker at, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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