Make Money Doing What You Love: Holistic Chamber of Commerce

If you commonly dream about how to make money doing what you love, you’re in the right place. On Important Work, we aim to bring you strategies, tactics and ideas to embrace an act on your own soul’s work in life.


In this week’s episode, we welcome Camille Leon, founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a nationwide network of 60 chapters in the U.S. and three in Canada. What began as a personal mission for Camille to find holistic medical practitioners in Pasadena, California is now a network for any professional who’s looking to improve their mind, body, spirit, business, budget, and planet.



The group is comprised of webmasters, experts in marketing, branding, QuickBooks consultants, accountants, attorneys, and much more. Essentially, any like-minded professional or entrepreneur is welcome who wants to add a revenue stream to their business, but also wants to be a kind of catalyst for creating a community. Listen as we discuss:


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Overcoming Information Overload: Where Spirituality and Marketing Meet

The secret to overcoming information overload is simpler than it seems. The internet has been relatively a small blip on the span of humanity. For it’s 20 years of existence we've been in a honeymoon phase.


Don’t get me wrong, technology is great! I can search for anything and everything's at my fingertips and I can consumer books and tips and tricks all day long. But even that novelty is wearing oft; we're getting to the end of this honeymoon phase with technology where we're starting to revert back to our roots as a tribal species where we're looking for connection, not information.



On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Danny Levin. We are talking about where spirituality and marketing meet and why it’s the secret to combating information overload in social marketing and breaking through with a message that’s meaningful and lands. Listen as we discuss:


  • What to do when you’re feeling disconnected
  • Where authentic...
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Soul Searching for Your Life's Work


Are you soul searching for your life’s work? Meaning, is there an aching in your soul to do something greater that’s more impactful to the world? If so, you’re in the right place.


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Shane McGraw, the founder of The Cadre Concept business and host of the Cadre Concept podcast. Join us as we cover Shane’s inspiring journey from a high-paying job that left him feeling empty inside to starting a business that helps others build community and give back.


Ultimately, soul searching for your life’s work can create a groundswell that creates a movement in the world, but first, you have to start by learning:


  • Why starting with “what’s in it for me” won’t work
  • How to do the work on the inside to get what you want
  • What the difference is between a mastermind and a cadre
  • How to do life with people without treating them like transactions
  • What stops people from taking...
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Trust and Transparency is the New Currency

What value do you place on trust and transparency in your relationships, family, and business? Many people puff and posture on social media, but they do it to their own detriment. More and more, it’s clear that the “perfect” lives and businesses we see online are not what they seem. Even worse, people are increasingly losing credibility for their personal brands and platforms by being unauthentic.


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Sean Smith to discuss why trust and transparency - over shimmer, fantasy, and shine - is the new currency.



If you’ve ever felt the pressure of what perfection, business, and leadership is supposed to look like, this is the episode for you. Sean will share his personal journey to the realization that being honest and truthful in communication is the key to success, including:  


  • What truly creates trust and connections
  • How humanity relates to marketing
  • What it takes to be honest in...
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You Need a Show! How - and Why - to Start a Show

Have you ever considered how to start a show? Maybe you’ve got a great idea, a unique worldview, or specific experience or expertise you want to share with the world. Getting started is really daunting and it can be hard to put yourself out there when you don’t know what to say.


Of course, if you look up “how to start a show,” you’ll get back literally billions of results. All of the steps and tricks and things to do. What you won’t find is the single most important piece of advice - just jump in! You’ll iterate, refine and perfect your show and message as you go. When it comes to putting your message out there, perfection is the enemy of progress!

On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Mark Kaye. Mark has been a host for both radio and TV and has been in the broadcasting industry for more than 20 years. Interestingly, he pioneered hosting a show on SnapChat.


In short, Mark is an expert in quickly creating - and...

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Find Your Calling: How to Look for Your Life’s Work


 What is your calling in life, in your career, with your family? One of the most difficult places to be in is seeing others happily hum along in their day jobs or charging ahead to make the world a better place while you’re stuck somewhere in between. If your soul has been gently tugging on your mind, saying that maybe there’s a higher purpose to fulfill, congratulations, you’re in the right place.


In this episode of Important Work, we speak about that point in a person’s life where they have tried things to feel a sense of purpose in their work and it just hasn’t panned out. It seems there are seasons of people’s lives; we all run into boredom, irritation, and dissatisfaction, the key is identifying when you’re ready for what’s next and taking the first step to getting there.



Listen as we discuss how to find your calling, including:


  • How to have the courage to try something new
  • What the...
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Surrender to Your Power Zone


Do you feel a deep sense of purpose in the work you do? Or, do you feel similar to many, many others who find that getting their “day job” done feels like a hard, uphill battle that leaves them feeling unfulfilled? If you’re living in that space, it’s easy to start believing that a certain hardness is a natural way to live life. It isn’t. We all have a mission in life, the key is knowing how to find purpose in your work.


On this episode of Important Work, we talk with Ana Levin about essential steps for finding purpose in your work, or the work that fulfills your heart’s desire. Listen in as we discuss why finding purposeful work starts with a journey within yourself, including:


  • Why financial freedom is an important first step
  • How to identify your personal zone of genius
  • Why it feels like some tasks and jobs “don’t fit”
  • Where the clues to your own purpose are hiding
  • Why trial and error are important to...
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How Do I Consistently Create Content When I Don’t Know What to Say?

You have important things to share and passions within your own heart that are bigger than your current pursuits. That’s why you’re here at Important Work, and we’re incredibly grateful you are. If you want to take it to the next level, building an audience for your unique message is absolutely mandatory.


To build an audience, you have to be engaging in content marketing on a regular basis, or put more simply, you need to be out there beating the drum and spreading the good word as much as possible.


That’s the hard part. When thousands of ideas are swirling around, it’s impossible to know how to organize what to say and how to say it in a way that really lands with people.


On this episode of Important Work, we’re answering some of the most common content marketing questions we hear from folks that are looking and needing to start content marketing in a serious way. Be sure to listen now because, on top of that,...

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Want a Fulfilling Career? Make More Marbles (and Masterminds)


Are you looking for a more fulfilling career? If so, you’re in good company.


Type the word “fulfilling” into your favorite internet search engine and “fulfilling careers” is the second-most-popular search just after “fulfilling definition.” Meaning, there are so many people searching for guidance on getting a more fulfilling career that Google is serving it up as the second-most useful item to show you results for.


The robots, Y'all. The robots know we’re yearning for more fulfillment in our careers. Sadly, identifying your own fulfilling career, path or work isn’t a task that a robot can do for you. Happily, this podcast can help you get there.

On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Brad Hart who runs a company called Make More Marbles and hosts a podcast of the same name. Brad grew up on Long Island, where he grew up feeling he never belonged with peers due to home circumstances. When he finally...

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The Mr. Thank You Project


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome John Israel, who created a revolution of gratitude with his Mr. Thank You project. He’s sharing his story of expressing gratitude and asking the world to join him in a simple, yet massively ambitious goal.


He hopes to inspire 74 million thank you cards to be handwritten and delivered around the globe. That’s 1 percent of the world’s population expressing gratitude to one another! The thing is, it’s catching on fast with numerous national news outlets covering his journey, from Pop Sugar to Good Morning America.



Listen now and hear his story, including:


  • How gratitude through written word can enhance well-being, build community and grow the bottom line
  • How love, generosity, and appreciation inspired the origin story of the Mr. Thank You project
  • What beachside epiphany inspired John to feel a deep gratuity for his life and how he went to work expressing that gratuity
  • How John...
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