Life Unboxed: Finding Your Own Important Work

Life is - at best - complicated. At worst? Unfortunately, we’re likely all living some version of this. Too many obligations, too many things to attend to that sap our energy without refilling the cup. 


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Mary Allison Brown to the show. Mary Allison is based in Tacoma, and in addition to her “day job” as a mental health therapist, she spends her free time fulfilling her own important work. 


For Mary Allison, her important work is hosting “The Life Unboxed” podcast, speaking at events and publishing guides. In her own words, her important work is “to help women and men get rid of the labels that others’ have placed on them, but also the labels others have placed on them so they have permission to truly be themselves.”



Listen in as we discuss how Mary helps people overcome the feeling of confusion and claustrophobia when they don't really know who they are at their core. More importantly, we’ll unravel why trying to do it all results in failure and how you can start to overcome, including:


  • Why you should think about making cuts in your life
  • How to know you’re not showing up for the people you care about
  • How to establish your core values and align your life to them
  • What alignment mapping is and how to implement it
  • How to harness and funnel energy to what matters to you
  • How to build compassion for yourself and others
  • How to have the courage to walk away when you need to


Ultimately, you’ve got to stop seeking answers outside yourself and start listening to your own heart. There is no golden ticket to the happiness you’re seeking without doing the work. 


For more information, you can reach Mary Allison Brown via Instagram, or download her podcast, “The Life Unboxed,” wherever you listen to podcasts. 


Books Referenced in Today’s Episode:


“The Great Work of Your Life” by Stephen Cope

“The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks


About Important Work


Important Work is an audio and video podcast that aims to serve as a platform for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to expand who they are as individuals. 


Produced by Groundswell Agency, we aim to bring you insights, interviews, and how-tos on a weekly basis that can help you think differently and dig into what your true purpose is - your important work. 


If you feel something stirring, you should have a conversation with us to develop and iterate your own body of work that serves your own important work on this planet. Follow us at and to learn more.

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