Faith-Based Leadership in a Secular World

Balancing faith as a leader in a secular workplace can be difficult. If you are strong in your faith, it can be difficult to find the correct intersection of faith and leadership. 


Debbie Heiser helps people find their calling and exude their faith in a secular world and show in action their belief systems. It’s hard to resist falling into the judgment game when interacting with people of very different religions, but it’s critical to love people where they’re at. Listen as we discuss:


  • How to infuse your faith without being misunderstood
  • How to courageously confront conflict in a loving manner
  • How to truly feel worthy of the opportunities you receive
  • How to strike the balance of faith and leadership 
  • How to develop people appropriately as a leader
  • How to know when it’s appropriate to talk about faith
  • How to use your own moral compass to lead
  • How faith becomes an inroad to gratification
  • How to know when you’re on the right path
  • How and why you should explore your dark side 


If you’ve been struggling with how to balance your faith with your work, community or volunteer life this episode is for you! For more information about Debbie and Faith-Infused Leadership, visit


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