Outlaw: Life After Litigation


Many people feel that the life of a lawyer is a for-life commitment … or should we say a sentence? Whether you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, or anything else, walking away from a career that you’ve dedicated years and years of your life to master can seem impossible. 


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Andrea Hall. Andrea is helping women lawyers leave the legal profession, showing them there is life after litigation. She let go of her ego and the love of money to realize that there was something more to her life. Today, Andrea works with horses, a big change!



If you’ve thought about making a switch in your career, this episode is for you. Listen as we discuss:


  • How to jump headfirst into something new
  • How to know what your important work is
  • What happens when you change careers
  • How to help people in a new way
  • Why our childhoods keep us stuck 


Listen as we discuss how you can...

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Taking Responsibility with Next-Gen Communities

Do you take a personal responsiblity for your community? Meaning, are you able to do more than gripe on social media about the issues in your own town? Odds are the answer is no. 


To be fair, “no” is likely the answer for 99% of the modern population. The national dialog is both toxic and terrifying; it’s easy to mirror those issues in our own local communities. Sadly, we often do. However, taking steps to have personal responsibility for your community is both doable and easier than you think!


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Rob Orth. Rob is a real estate agent, but that’s not necessarily his important work. We’re discussing how to incorporate God’s gifts through the work we do. In Rob’s case, that includes finding ways to keep the community alive and make it healthier than it has been. 



Listen as we discuss things you can do when you finally get sick and tired of everyone...

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Faith-Based Leadership in a Secular World

Balancing faith as a leader in a secular workplace can be difficult. If you are strong in your faith, it can be difficult to find the correct intersection of faith and leadership. 


Debbie Heiser helps people find their calling and exude their faith in a secular world and show in action their belief systems. It’s hard to resist falling into the judgment game when interacting with people of very different religions, but it’s critical to love people where they’re at. Listen as we discuss:


  • How to infuse your faith without being misunderstood
  • How to courageously confront conflict in a loving manner
  • How to truly feel worthy of the opportunities you receive
  • How to strike the balance of faith and leadership 
  • How to develop people appropriately as a leader
  • How to know when it’s appropriate to talk about faith
  • How to use your own moral compass to lead
  • How faith becomes an inroad to gratification
  • How to know when you’re on the right path
  • ...
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