Taking Responsibility with Next-Gen Communities

Do you take a personal responsiblity for your community? Meaning, are you able to do more than gripe on social media about the issues in your own town? Odds are the answer is no. 


To be fair, “no” is likely the answer for 99% of the modern population. The national dialog is both toxic and terrifying; it’s easy to mirror those issues in our own local communities. Sadly, we often do. However, taking steps to have personal responsibility for your community is both doable and easier than you think!


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Rob Orth. Rob is a real estate agent, but that’s not necessarily his important work. We’re discussing how to incorporate God’s gifts through the work we do. In Rob’s case, that includes finding ways to keep the community alive and make it healthier than it has been. 



Listen as we discuss things you can do when you finally get sick and tired of everyone screaming at one another, including:


  • How we can care for one another in our communities
  • How to level the playing field for better communication
  • Having an honest conversation amongst disagreements
  • How to balance competing, differing opinions 
  • What a model for a next-gen community looks like
  • How to address a local mess pragmatically and realistically
  • Simple approaches to helping your community 


Ultimately, we all should be responsible for our communities. It’s hard to take on the work, but ultimately it’s not tenable to just accept a dysfunctional community without being willing to take on responsibility for the hearts, the minds and the problems of our own communities. For more information or to reach out to Rob, visit


About Important Work


Important Work is an audio and video podcast that aims to serve as a platform for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to expand who they are as individuals. 


Produced by Groundswell Agency, we aim to bring you insights, interviews, and how-tos on a weekly basis that can help you think differently and dig into what your true purpose is - your important work. 


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