Success in Life: Unlocking Your Creative Genius by Learning to Feel Again

What’s the secret to success in life? Work hard, play harder? Produce results, drive hard, push through … sound familiar? It’s a common go-to language when people think about what it takes to be successful. But ... if pushing hard with tough energy is the secret to success … why does it mostly feel so wrong?


If you’ve been trying to break through to build success in your life and business, but can’t seem to quite get there, perhaps you need to stop pushing and start breaking down your emotional walls. 



On this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Ana Levin. In addition to assisting clients to share their message as a Groundswell Guide, Ana also does energy alignments to help people break down walls and feel again. So many people build up walls, but really, they do so at their own detriment. In today’s episode, we dig into Ana’s perspective of:


  • What prevents you from accessing your creative genius
  • Why opening up gives us access to our creative genius
  • How society prevents us from tapping into emotions
  • Why you need more than academia to access your genius
  • Why you don’t have to be aggressive to develop yourself
  • Why it’s OK to be vulnerable and show your emotions
  • What benefits await when you’re aligned with your feelings


Most importantly, we’ll discuss what the business applications of getting in touch with your feelings can do. Ultimately, when you learn how to dance with your own soul, you can dance in coherence with your true being. Production without heart leaves us anxious and empty. Listen in and begin to learn how to avoid that. 


More information about Ana and her important work can be found at  


About Important Work


Important Work is an audio and video podcast that aims to serve as a platform for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to expand who they are as individuals. 


Produced by Groundswell Agency, we aim to bring you insights, interviews, and how-tos on a weekly basis that can help you think differently and dig into what your true purpose is - your important work. 


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