Shadow Awakenings: Dealing with Negative Emotions

How do you deal with negative emotions? Anger, jealousy, hate, etc. can bubble up in unexpected ways, prompting strong negative emotions, even though what promoted the negative reaction was somewhat minor. In those moments, our shadow selves are dictating our reactions, and they are very powerful. 



In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Amber McKenzie to continue our discussion about how to open up and discover your own important work. We’re stepping into the conversation today from the perspective of shadow awakenings. Amber is the publisher of “Natural Awakenings,” to help people improve and grow spiritually. Listen as we discuss:


  • Where the real transition begins in your awakening
  • What the purpose of shadows and light in your life are
  • How to stay in the flow of life instead of resisting it
  • How emotions and feelings reflect our shadow responses
  • What your child self is and how it influences you
  • How to uncover where your shadows...
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The Evolving Activist: What Being an Activist Really Means

Would you consider yourself an activist? There are a lot of people who want to be active, but they are reticent to get involved due to negative connotations around “radical” activism. 


However, many times our passions bubble over and we do something, big or small. That’s activism! And, no, it’s not violent or radical. You may be surprised in all the ways activism is expressed today. The activism role has completely evolved, transforming the ways activism can be achieved in a way that meets you personally. 


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Lorrin Maughan to the show. Lorrin came from a corporate background, moved into coaching and then moved into the equation kickstart coaching method. Today, she’s involved in activism. Listen as we discuss:


  • How Lorrin heard her calling for Important Work
  • How working with animals can heal wounds
  • What Lorrin’s approach to animal activism looks like
  • What’s on the...
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Unlimited Woman Alliance

What is your personal calling? Do you feel you’re pursuing your own important work in the world? Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom and lose it all before we’re prepared to take that brave step into who we’re supposed to be.


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Dr. Anita Jackson to the show to discuss her hero’s journey and calling to help women. In this special show, Dr. Jackson discusses her background with as many pitfalls you can imagine and how she persevered to pursue her own important work. Listen as we discuss:


  • How to overcome who you’re supposed to be
  • How to get access to your personal calling
  • How to listen to your inner voice and calling


In addition to this, Dr. Jackson is covering her own mission in life, the United Woman Alliance and her vision for carving out a unique space for women to support one another and create a platform for themselves. Specifically, how women, men, and all people can hopefully...

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Clarifying Your Ideal Clients In Marketing Using The DISC Profile


If you don’t know who you’re trying to attract and what they value, you’ll spend a lot of time and money to no avail. 

I learned about the DISC behavioral assessment years ago and love teaching it. But I hadn’t considered using it to filter who I really wanted to serve. 

But when I did, everything got a lot clearer. 

Suddenly I didn’t feel like I had to please everybody. I didn’t care if I had haters, because I knew they were in the D and C quadrants most likely, which weren’t the quadrants I was aiming to serve. 

I could use words that reflected my own values knowing that it would matter to others in the same quadrants as me. 

Words like Vulnerability, Authenticity, and Connection. 

These aren’t words typically associated with marketing. And that’s what makes it refreshing for our tribe of I’s and S’s. 

For so long, marketing has been taught by D’s and C’s. The D’s...

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Feel Better: You Are NOT Your Diagnosis


Do you ever wish you could just feel better? Given our modern society and Western medicine, it’s simple to throw over the counter medicines at our symptoms day-to-day and just get back to work. Over time, we get used to living with feelings of being unwell, it’s easy to feel we are just “existing.” If you’ve been feeling this way, some of these thoughts may be familiar to you:


  • “I’m tired of the medical systems not helping me feel better.”
  • “I want to live life without medicines, or at least reduce them.”
  • “I know there is a better way to live, I just don’t know how to.”


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Lyn Delmastro-Thomson, host and author of “You Are NOT Your Diagnosis,” and founder of Fire Heart Feeling. 



Lyn Delmastro-Thomson shares her journey of misdiagnosis at age 25 and how it led her to her own important work. Doctors told her she...

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Why You Feel Burned Out In Business and How To Fix It


When your marketing and business is no longer fulfilling, chances are you’ve outgrown either your service, your message or your people. 

This uncomfortable, doubt-inducing season of life can only be solved by reconnecting to your true purpose and the work you really want to be doing in this lifetime. 

But here’s the trick…

That meaningful work can only be appreciated by those ready to receive it. And this is where most of us get it wrong. 

In this Marketing For The Rest Of Us Training we unpack not only why we get stuck but how to find meaning and purpose in our work as well as the specific people we need to be attracting for our efforts to align with results. 

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Additional Resources: 

Marketing For The Rest Of Us - The Course 



Marketing For The Rest Of Us Podcast on...

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Outlaw: Life After Litigation


Many people feel that the life of a lawyer is a for-life commitment … or should we say a sentence? Whether you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, or anything else, walking away from a career that you’ve dedicated years and years of your life to master can seem impossible. 


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Andrea Hall. Andrea is helping women lawyers leave the legal profession, showing them there is life after litigation. She let go of her ego and the love of money to realize that there was something more to her life. Today, Andrea works with horses, a big change!



If you’ve thought about making a switch in your career, this episode is for you. Listen as we discuss:


  • How to jump headfirst into something new
  • How to know what your important work is
  • What happens when you change careers
  • How to help people in a new way
  • Why our childhoods keep us stuck 


Listen as we discuss how you can...

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Taking Responsibility with Next-Gen Communities

Do you take a personal responsiblity for your community? Meaning, are you able to do more than gripe on social media about the issues in your own town? Odds are the answer is no. 


To be fair, “no” is likely the answer for 99% of the modern population. The national dialog is both toxic and terrifying; it’s easy to mirror those issues in our own local communities. Sadly, we often do. However, taking steps to have personal responsibility for your community is both doable and easier than you think!


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Rob Orth. Rob is a real estate agent, but that’s not necessarily his important work. We’re discussing how to incorporate God’s gifts through the work we do. In Rob’s case, that includes finding ways to keep the community alive and make it healthier than it has been. 



Listen as we discuss things you can do when you finally get sick and tired of everyone...

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Business Relationships: Conversations About Conversations


What’s the key to great business relationships? There are books, trainings, etc. to help you be a better salesperson, customer service representative, etc. There is very, very little information about how to hold a great business conversation. 


Of course, any great relationship is a series of great conversations. Why, then, is there so little information about how to effectively hold conversations that create rapport and drive mutual understanding?


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Ivan Farber whose been in financial services for his entire career. He does speaking, coaching, mentoring, etc. and author of “Conversations: How to Manage Your Business Relationships, One Conversation at a Time.”



In this super-enlightening episode, we’re talking about the critical nature of conversations in building relationships in business, including:


  • How to really utilize rapport to build relationships
  • ...
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Faith-Based Leadership in a Secular World

Balancing faith as a leader in a secular workplace can be difficult. If you are strong in your faith, it can be difficult to find the correct intersection of faith and leadership. 


Debbie Heiser helps people find their calling and exude their faith in a secular world and show in action their belief systems. It’s hard to resist falling into the judgment game when interacting with people of very different religions, but it’s critical to love people where they’re at. Listen as we discuss:


  • How to infuse your faith without being misunderstood
  • How to courageously confront conflict in a loving manner
  • How to truly feel worthy of the opportunities you receive
  • How to strike the balance of faith and leadership 
  • How to develop people appropriately as a leader
  • How to know when it’s appropriate to talk about faith
  • How to use your own moral compass to lead
  • How faith becomes an inroad to gratification
  • How to know when you’re on the right path
  • ...
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