Networking: The Difference Between Connections & Referrals

 What’s your approach to networking? Are you truly building a reciprocal network where you help others and they help you? Or, are you playing the numbers game, “collecting” people as connections on social media?


 “Hello, World!” was the first message EVER sent out on the Internet. Ever. And, boy, have we grown more connected than ever before! We live in the day and age of connectivity, but are we more disconnected than ever? 


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Dan Rawls who shares his point of view on the difference between referrals and connections. Dan spent over 25 years in the lifestyle franchise business, going all the way back the analog, or pre-Internet, days. Dan knows the referral game inside and out. 



Having done that and stepping back, Dan has an interesting observation, people are adding more and more people to their various “lists,” but there is no depth to those relationships. In this episode, we’re talking about letting life flow naturally and making a natural connect in real life, including:


  • Who should be running your social media profile
  • How to connect with people on social media 
  • Why you have to stop pitching people on media
  • Why you need both width and depth in your relationships
  • How transparency impacts your relationships
  • What the difference between a connection and a referral is
  • What criteria it takes to “get in someone’s phone”
  • How to appropriately follow-up with people
  • How to use relationships to spread your Important Work
  • How to prevent seeming like you have a hidden agenda
  • Why you need to send people a personal message today


If you’ve been trying to figure out how to better connect with people, this is the episode for you!


To learn more about Dan Rawls, reach out to him via email at [email protected] or reach out to Dan on LinkedIn.

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