Business Relationships: Conversations About Conversations


What’s the key to great business relationships? There are books, trainings, etc. to help you be a better salesperson, customer service representative, etc. There is very, very little information about how to hold a great business conversation. 


Of course, any great relationship is a series of great conversations. Why, then, is there so little information about how to effectively hold conversations that create rapport and drive mutual understanding?


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Ivan Farber whose been in financial services for his entire career. He does speaking, coaching, mentoring, etc. and author of “Conversations: How to Manage Your Business Relationships, One Conversation at a Time.”



In this super-enlightening episode, we’re talking about the critical nature of conversations in building relationships in business, including:


  • How to really utilize rapport to build relationships
  • How to use mirroring and matching in conversations
  • How to know what type of “processor” you’re talking to
  • Why certain techniques aren’t manipulation of others
  • How to be genuine in your conversation techniques
  • How to build tools that support your Important Work
  • How better conversation skills help tense situations
  • What body language is signaling in conversation
  • Why feeling and empathy is essential to relationships
  • How to translate conversations to marketing


Ivan’s Important Work is to raise the game in the business world by sharing techniques to have better conversations. You can reach out to him or order his book “Conversations: How to Manage Your Business Relationships, One Conversation at a Time.” 


About Important Work


Important Work is an audio and video podcast that aims to serve as a platform for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to expand who they are as individuals. 


Produced by Groundswell Agency, we aim to bring you insights, interviews, and how-tos on a weekly basis that can help you think differently and dig into what your true purpose is - your important work. 


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