Trust and Transparency is the New Currency

What value do you place on trust and transparency in your relationships, family, and business? Many people puff and posture on social media, but they do it to their own detriment. More and more, it’s clear that the “perfect” lives and businesses we see online are not what they seem. Even worse, people are increasingly losing credibility for their personal brands and platforms by being unauthentic.


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Sean Smith to discuss why trust and transparency - over shimmer, fantasy, and shine - is the new currency.



If you’ve ever felt the pressure of what perfection, business, and leadership is supposed to look like, this is the episode for you. Sean will share his personal journey to the realization that being honest and truthful in communication is the key to success, including:  


  • What truly creates trust and connections
  • How humanity relates to marketing
  • What it takes to be honest in conversation
  • How to overcome our primal fear of rejection
  • What prevents us from being transparent
  • Why your inner-game determines everything
  • Why people who chase perfection miss the point
  • How to build a path to express your insights
  • Why loss-based fears are unsubstantiated


Today, particularly as the internet matures, being transparent and authentic with what you’re saying and why is more important than ever before. It’s those of us that come forth with honest - albeit imperfect - observations that stand to make the greatest impact. For more information about Sean, visit


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