The Evolving Activist: What Being an Activist Really Means

Would you consider yourself an activist? There are a lot of people who want to be active, but they are reticent to get involved due to negative connotations around “radical” activism. 


However, many times our passions bubble over and we do something, big or small. That’s activism! And, no, it’s not violent or radical. You may be surprised in all the ways activism is expressed today. The activism role has completely evolved, transforming the ways activism can be achieved in a way that meets you personally. 


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Lorrin Maughan to the show. Lorrin came from a corporate background, moved into coaching and then moved into the equation kickstart coaching method. Today, she’s involved in activism. Listen as we discuss:


  • How Lorrin heard her calling for Important Work
  • How working with animals can heal wounds
  • What Lorrin’s approach to animal activism looks like
  • What’s on the other side of stepping into your values
  • How to avoid being perceived as one-dimensional
  • What self-compassion strategies look like
  • How to begin self-regulating to speak your truth


In addition to all this, Lorrin will share how she can help you embrace your own activism, from both a tactical and strategic perspective. To contact Lorrin and begin exploring your own calling to activism, email [email protected]


About Important Work


Important Work is an audio and video podcast that aims to serve as a platform for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to expand who they are as individuals. 


Produced by Groundswell Agency, we aim to bring you insights, interviews, and how-tos on a weekly basis that can help you think differently and dig into what your true purpose is - your important work. 


If you feel something stirring, you should have a conversation with us to develop and iterate your own body of work that serves your own important work on this planet. Follow us at and to learn more.

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