Shadow Awakenings: Dealing with Negative Emotions

How do you deal with negative emotions? Anger, jealousy, hate, etc. can bubble up in unexpected ways, prompting strong negative emotions, even though what promoted the negative reaction was somewhat minor. In those moments, our shadow selves are dictating our reactions, and they are very powerful. 



In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Amber McKenzie to continue our discussion about how to open up and discover your own important work. We’re stepping into the conversation today from the perspective of shadow awakenings. Amber is the publisher of “Natural Awakenings,” to help people improve and grow spiritually. Listen as we discuss:


  • Where the real transition begins in your awakening
  • What the purpose of shadows and light in your life are
  • How to stay in the flow of life instead of resisting it
  • How emotions and feelings reflect our shadow responses
  • What your child self is and how it influences you
  • How to uncover where your shadows come from
  • How the shadow actually helps you in challenging moments
  • How to live life with intention and avoid getting blocked


Ultimately, examining your shadow emotions can be transformative for you in your life, but it won’t be easy. Getting there takes a guide practiced in the art of letting your light shine through your own personal shadows. For more information about Amber, including her new show Shadow Awakenings, or information on how to embrace your own awakening, visit


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