Clarifying Your Ideal Clients In Marketing Using The DISC Profile


If you don’t know who you’re trying to attract and what they value, you’ll spend a lot of time and money to no avail. 

I learned about the DISC behavioral assessment years ago and love teaching it. But I hadn’t considered using it to filter who I really wanted to serve. 

But when I did, everything got a lot clearer. 

Suddenly I didn’t feel like I had to please everybody. I didn’t care if I had haters, because I knew they were in the D and C quadrants most likely, which weren’t the quadrants I was aiming to serve. 

I could use words that reflected my own values knowing that it would matter to others in the same quadrants as me. 

Words like Vulnerability, Authenticity, and Connection. 

These aren’t words typically associated with marketing. And that’s what makes it refreshing for our tribe of I’s and S’s. 

For so long, marketing has been taught by D’s and C’s. The D’s teach you how to manipulate and seduce people in your marketing. The C’s teach you how the algorithms work and give you giant technical checklists to follow. 

Both of those styles of marketing go over our head - those of us who are People oriented. 

So, the DISC profile provides valuable insight to yourself and how you should market, as well as the message that will most resonate with the people you want to serve. 

Your job is to decide what kind of people in the DISC profile you want to serve and then adjust your marketing message to connect with them. 

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