You Were Made for More


You were made for more important work. Trust me on this.


We don’t focus on this in business or marketing but neglect it at your own peril. You may sense it, a gnawing sensation, a splinter in your mind, as I did, that you have a calling that’s not being fulfilled.


I would encourage you to bring more soul in your business and connect with your inner self. Today we continue our series on bringing stories of those that have set out on their own important work.



On this episode of Important Work, we welcome special guest Chas Wilson, co-founder of Master Networks out of Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas. Currently, Chas and his business partner are working on a new book, “Impact,” on becoming a positive influence. Listen as we discuss how Chas:


  • Finally found (and continues to find) his Important Work
  • Functions in a constant feedback mode to stay on track
  • Constantly assesses, tweaks, and moves forwards
  • Focuses on taking action and moving forward
  • Built a tribe of advisors up around him for guidance


Additionally, Chas will give you a quick action plan to start building out that important work. Ultimately, when we are working within our own natural strengths, we can vibrate higher and do work that fulfills.


To learn more about Chas Wilson and his nation-wide tribe of entrepreneurs, visit To reach out to Chris to start thinking about your own important work visit to schedule a complimentary session to find your own soul’s work.

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