Want a Fulfilling Career? Make More Marbles (and Masterminds)


Are you looking for a more fulfilling career? If so, you’re in good company.


Type the word “fulfilling” into your favorite internet search engine and “fulfilling careers” is the second-most-popular search just after “fulfilling definition.” Meaning, there are so many people searching for guidance on getting a more fulfilling career that Google is serving it up as the second-most useful item to show you results for.


The robots, Y'all. The robots know we’re yearning for more fulfillment in our careers. Sadly, identifying your own fulfilling career, path or work isn’t a task that a robot can do for you. Happily, this podcast can help you get there.

On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Brad Hart who runs a company called Make More Marbles and hosts a podcast of the same name. Brad grew up on Long Island, where he grew up feeling he never belonged with peers due to home circumstances. When he finally came into his own as a person, he realized that he deeply wanted to belong and be a part of a community.



Brad shares how his journey to become successful by all conventional methods couldn’t fill the loneliness and disconnect he’d been experiencing. Listen in as we discuss how Brad navigated the hard questions, including:


  • How to manage the transition to a fulfilling career
  • Why value created is more important than value counted
  • Why our economy is changing rapidly and how to adapt
  • What the 3G approach to a fulfilling career includes
  • Where to find where your important work is hiding
  • How to refine and build your message and get ready for success
  • Why if you’re struggling consistently, you may be on the wrong path


Listen as Brad shares his perspective why there are so many people going through the motions in a job or role that doesn’t fulfill their heart’s work. To learn more about making more marbles, go to or connect with Brad on

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