The Soul and Strategy of Important Work


Does your business have a mission at heart? How much does social equity play into your business strategy? It can seem counter to capitalist intuitions, but considering how you are impacting others around you in business and in life should be a central tenant in your approach.


In this episode of Important Work, we welcome Neelam Tewar who joins us from India. Neelam helps her clients become thought leaders around social equity. In addition to being a consultant, Neelam went through her own soul-searching process and today consults with governmental organizations and is a TEDx speaker.  Listen now and take away a new perspective on the soul and strategy of important work, including:


  • How to live a more connected life professionally
  • What “involved entrepreneurship” is and how to build it
  • Why you shouldn’t view people as a funnel strategy
  • Why intimacy should be the main currency you generate
  • How to avoid feelings of dissidence in your business
  • Where people stumble when building their programs
  • How to strike balance between stoicism and softness
  • How to create a presence for yourself that attracts
  • Why being curious and open is essential to soul strategy



It’s time to step beyond our own little worlds because that’s what the world needs right now. Give this episode a listen and start to think differently about being accessible to others. For more information about Neelam Tewar and her upcoming program, visit

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