Seeker: A Journey Towards Wisdom



If you have an inkling of awareness that you’d like to be on a different path when it comes to your work, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the negative. “I hate this because ____” or “this path is awful because ____” or “these people I work with are terrible because of ____.”


However, to really grow into the important work we’re each uniquely qualified to complete, a fundamental mindset shift is required. The situations don’t change, but how we capitalize on them does.


On this episode of Important Work, we welcome Dave Jenks. Dave is a lifelong seeker of his important work and joins us to share how to look at your journey as an ever-shifting river where each portion has something new to offer. Listen as we discuss:


  • Dave’s journey as an educator, business person, and real estate agent
  • How to build and expand foundational skills to grow into your work
  • Why you should aim to love what you do - no matter what it is
  • How to enjoy moments of inflection instead of feeling negative
  • Where to identify the learning opportunity in every situation
  • How to know you’re in a moment that doesn’t satisfy your soul
  • Why you have to reflect instead of jumping from job to job


After all, our journeys are always changing, but you can only see to the next bend in the river, so keep your oars in the water and keep traveling towards your important work. For more information on Dave, including his new book “Seeker,” visit, or visit to access over 150 hours of instructional video on, entrepreneurial and real estate training, including Dave’s “Free Enterprise Warriors” series.

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